Adetutu Rants over her Daughter’s Forced School Assignments

by Bruce Ebiegberi Silver

Adetutu O.J. Alabi, a face model, went on a prolonged rage on social media after her daughter was given a Christian assignment at school, despite not being a Christian nor a Moslem.

Adetutu and Daughter

Even after pupils make their views known, schools are insensitive to the religious persuasion of students by trying to force religion on them, according to a single mother of one.

According to the tribal mark face model, her daughter, who does not own a bible since she is not a Christian, is forced to borrow one from her cousins whenever she is assigned a Christian-related assignment.

Adetutu vented her frustration by saying it is sad she can’t do anything about it because she lives in a country where people are forced to either Christianity or Islam.


She wrote

Despite the fact that she stated in her school that she’s not a Christian nor a Moslem, they are always giving her Christian assignments by force. She doesn’t have a Bible, she has to borrow from my cousins.

“I’m here fuming and can’t do anything because I’m in a country that will either make you be a Christian or Moslem by force.

“All I can tell her is sorry baby girl, I’m sorry.”

Adetutu Alabi is utilizing social media to raise awareness about tribal markings in Africa and change the narrative.

Rihanna recently started following Adetutu on social media, and he initiated a campaign called #tribalmarkschallenge.

She continues to push Africa for an end to unconsented bodily modification.


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