Beneficiary of Late Rivers Pastor, Akinola Contemplates Suicide

An aged woman in Rivers State, Margaret Siofori has contemplated commiting suicide, following the death of her benefactor, Rev Steven Akinola.

The cleric and founder of Redemption Ministries headquartered in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, died on Sunday, June 6 from a suspected Kidney transplant he did many years ago.

The mourning woman told our correspondent that Akinola had been her source of economic survival, adding that she feels like dying with him too.

She said, “my son, I am an old woman. This man (Akinola) has been the one taking care of me”.

Continuing, the woman said:

“I have nobody in this world to look after me but God brought Akinola to be my helper.

“And now, the only helper that God gave me has left me helpless in this suffering world.

“I am not sure I will still be alive because I don’t see what I should live for.

“I think, I will also follow Akinola too to anywhere death has taken him to”.

While pleading with Siofori not to lose hope in life but should place her trust in God, the aged woman told Nigerdeltaconnect correspondent that as her, hope cannot come back except Akinola comes back to life.

“I am a Christian, but I don’t see any reason for living again. I have experienced a lot in this life and I want to go home too to be with the Lord as Akinola has done.

“I will not question my God as to why He allowed the only helper He gave me to pass on before me”.

She said she believes her time on earth was over, so she should be allowed to go home too to be with the Lord.

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