Bakura Modu: The New Leader Of Boko Haram Terrorists

Bakura Modu is the new commander of the Boko Haram terrorists organisation. Before his new position, he was one of the top commander of the dreaded organisation for several years. According to multiple reports, he is a descendant of Muhammad Yusuf founder of the organisation. The new leader is able to understand and speak Arabic fluently.

The death of former leader of the dreaded terrorists organisation Boko Haram has no doubt unbalanced their situation in the battlefield. This come at a time the Boko Haram is facing imminent threat from their rival group known as Islamic state of West African province. The rival group has been in constant disagreement with the Boko Haram terrorists group.


Bakura Modu, is the one who spoke to confirm Shekau’s death in a new video released by the deadly terrorists group. He assured the terrorists that they will take avenge Shekau’s assassination by members of the Islamic state of West African province.

Before the confirmation by members of the terrorists organisation, many people refused to believe that their ex leader is death. This is because such has been widely reported before, which was later debunked as untrue. Now that Boko Haram has confirmed the death of its ex leader in a video released by its new leader, the public has accepted that Shekau is truly dead.

The video features Bakura with other members of the group behind him, as is the case every time the group makes a similar announcement, according to Voice of America Media. Bakura encouraged the rebels to stay calm and be resilience for the holy war to come.

He also called on them to abandon the factional leader chosen by members of the Islamic state of West African province Abu Musa Al-Barnawi, stressing that they would continue to fight the members of Islamic state of West African province until they avenged the killing of Shekau and some of their slain commanders.

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