Ex Fiance Leaks NTV Uganda Senior Producer, Annie Nixon’s Nude Pics and Video Clips

Annie Nixon SEXTAPE || NTV The Beat Senior Producer Annie Nixon has been bitterly exposed by her ex-fiance and baby daddy Edgar Luvusi who leaked and released her intimate pictures, showing her in bed completely n@ked after a 3round bonk.

Annie Nixon had her n#des littered allover the internet presumably from a marathon of bedminton sessions. She is seen all looking exhausted and passed out and it’s thought she was either drunk or had been “gunned” down without mercy.

Some years back Nixon was fired from NTV for misconduct together with her co-worker – Kevin Kaija.

The NTV management then announced the firing of Anne Nakawombe and Kevin Kaija over what the management called gross misconduct.

It was later revealed that the pair were nabbed engaging in lesbian sex in the toilets of the company at Serena Conference Centre.

Anne Nakawombe spoke out in an apologetic letter and finally found her way back to the station.

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