Floyd Mayweather Appluades Logan Paul

by Ngoji Clever Seiyefa

Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather has praised Logan Paul for going the distance in their exhibition match at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami On Sunday night.

Floyd Mayweather Appluades Logan Paul
          Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul in an exhibiton on sunday night at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Mayweather, who weighed 155 pounds and his opponent 189.5 pounds, put on an usual slick display, much to the pleasure of large crowd at the Miami Dolphins’ home stadium.

The boxing legend out performed YouTube star Logan Paul, but he was unable to stop him inside the ring.

Mayweather and Paul fought an eight-round exhibition with no winner proclaimed since the bout was not scored.

Mayweather, who made his comeback at the age of 44, praised Logan Paul.

He stated:

“I had fun. You’ve got to realize I’m not 21 anymore.”

“But it’s good to move around with these young guys. Test my skills. Just to have some fun.

“A great young fighter. Strong, tough. He’s better than I thought he was.

“He’s a tough, rough competitor. It was good action.

“I was surprised by him tonight. A good guy.

“Even though he doesn’t have much experience, he knew how to use his weight and he knew how to tie me up tonight.”

Following their controversial fight in Miami, Mayweather dismissed the notion of an exhibition match with Jake Paul.

He said:

“Oh, we don’t know what the future holds, but I’ll talk it over with my team, and see where we go from there,”

“You’ve got to realise, I’ve been in this sport 25 years. I understand I’m not 21, I’m not 25, but I had fun tonight.”


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