Ghanaian driver spotted in a video changing gear in-between thighs of a beautiful female passenger (Watch)

A Ghanaian driver had a brief moment of pleasure literally between the thighs of a female passenger why plying his commercial trade on the road.

In a video clip obtained online, the driver was seen busily changing the gear of the car situated between the legs of the woman whose face was shielded from the footage.

Those who have sighted the video are wondering how the lady ended up having the lever close to her laps. Evidently, it appears the car was overloaded, and the sitting position of the woman has to be adjusted in order to have a place in the car for the journey.

The lady did not complain about this seeming inconvenience, giving room for the driver to have a field day as he changed the gears often than we thought was normal.

Watch the video below;

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