Gigi Lamayne confirms news of hosting Tik Tok first Africa Music Chart show

Gigi Lamayne confirms news of hosting Tik Tok first Africa Music Chart show. The rapper is in a different phase of life and she’s enjoying every moments, from being announced as a contestant in a top reality show, Temptation Island SA, to hosting a new Tik Tok show.

Recently, the star has been on the winning team sides, and she’s been working hard to secure more wins.
Gigi speaks about regrets she’s recently had in a post shared on Instagram.

“What regrets have you had in the last year ? Mine was definitely forgetting who and what I am. A beautiful , hardworking African girl who came from nothing to becoming something. Don’t ever forget Gods blessings . Don’t ever forget your forefathers efforts. We are nothing without these two.

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