If had I known was a person, it will probably have been Prince Kpokpogri & Jane Mena – Merit Gold

The lady in the leaked audio of Prince Kpokpogri saying he has knacked Jane Mena before, Merit Gold has asked them to stop looking for quotes that support their stupidity.

This lady Merit Gold, claims Tonto Dikeh is her role model and she’s a friend of Prince Kpokpogri and also happened to be the lady that was having a conversation with him when he confirmed knacking married Jane Mena.

After all the brouhaha, she has taken to social media to advise Prince Kpokpogri and Jane Mena asking them to stop looking for quotes to support their stupidity and learn to apologize when they know for sure that they are wrong.

According to her, they shouldn’t allow rubbish pride to block their blessing advising them never to gang up against an innocent person because the reward will be a shameful one no matter how long it takes to come.

She then sarcastically added that if had I known was a person, it will probably have been the 2 of them because they would either have covered their tracks very well not to be exposed or they wouldn’t have been involved with each other at all.

Merit Gold seems to know a lot more than she’s splitting in terms of this Tonto Dikeh, Prince Kpokpogri, and Jane Mena’s saga as most of the audios leaked have her voice on it being the one having a conversation with Prince Kpokpogri.

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