If Nobody Employs You, Employ Yourself – Reno Omokri Reveals Legit Ways To Make Money Online

Nigerian Life coach cum actor Reno Omokri charges his fans and followers to take action in certain online businesses in order to become their own bosses.

The famous author who never goes out of nuggets for another time has dropped a very brief one listing out some free sites people can access to make some tens of thousands of dollars.

He listed Youtube, Quora, Amazon Kindle Publishing, Problogger, Fiverr amongst others. Looking at the high rate of unemployment in the country, he proposed that people should use these mediums to make themselves bosses instead of wait for someone to employ them.

He wrote;

There’s YouTube, Quora, Amazon Kindle Publishing, Instagram, Upwork, Affiliate Marketing, Survey Junkie, CashKarma, Problogger, Proofreadanywhere, Virtual PA, Flex jobs, Fiverr and so on. If nobody employs you, be smart and use your smartphone to employ yourself


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