Ireti Doyle Pubishes A Public Disclaimer on Her Daughter Following Accusation Of Fraud

Veteran Nigerian Actress Ireti Doyle has put up a public disclaimer setting herself free from the accusations of her daughter defrauding people with her business with her knowledge without putting her in order.

Ireti Doyle has been dragged for years over the misbehavior of her daughter Kachi who has been defrauding people with her beauty products for not advising her as a mother to stop that but then just watches her defraud people.

After years of being silent, Ireti Doyle has finally broken her silence by putting up a disclaimer on her daughter saying she has nothing to do with her beauty products and the only relationship she has with her is that of a mother and daughter and nothing else.

According to the public disclaimer, she’s in no way connected to Kachi Beauty Products and does not have any owned shares or has ever received any financial benefit from the said business hence nothing relating to that is of her concern for her to be dragged.

Adding that in light of the applied facts, she implores all persons who have been affected in their business dealings with Kachi to directly deal with her or the appropriate authorities equipped to deal with such matters to resolve any difference.

Ireti Doyle has finally made it clear that aside from the fact that Kachi is her daughter, she has nothing to do with her therefore, all those dragging her because of her daughter’s attitude when it comes to business should go to the appropriate authorities to deal with it.

Screenshot below;

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