Nigerian youths woo Jonathan to vie for 2023 presidency

Coalition of Nigerian Youths, yesterday, enjoined former President Goodluck Jonathan to take another shot at the exalted office in 2023.

The parent body, Goodluck Jonathan (YED 4 GEJ 2023), promised to fund his electioneering if he accepts to vie.

In a statement by its national chairman, Prince Teddy Omiloli, the group described the ex-leader as a national builder, a unifier and a solution to the nation’s problems.

The group noted: “At this point in time, after a vivid look into the ideologies and activities of our present political players which include the youths and elders, we saw in Goodluck Jonathan, a true democrat, a nation builder and a divinely inspired goal-oriented leader of integrity, that has the solution to the present Nigerian problems.

“He (Jonathan) has proven that he can sacrifice anything to ensure the unity, peace and development of our great nation, Nigeria. We, as youths of this great nation after discovering the problem and found the solution in Goodluck Jonathan, we are calling on Nigerians, to join the call for the return of “Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and also join our #BringbackGEJ project.”

The supporters continued: “We, the youths, are ready to purchase ex-President Jonathan’s form in any party he chooses to fly. We would fund his electioneering campaign from beginning to end.

“We decided to take this up as a result of our readiness to contribute in restructuring Nigeria for a better future.

Jonathan met a Nigeria with a faulty constitution, saw the need to restructure Nigeria and called for a national confab in 2014, but was not allowed to implement it, rather he was voted out of office in 2015 because most Nigerians, the youths, were too blind then to see that our problem, as a nation, is our inability to re-discuss our union as a people after living together for 100 years without moving forward as a result of some mistakes we directly or indirectly made.”

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