Obike Air: Nigeria’s New Start-up Airline

By Victor Shalton Odhiambo

While the airline industry remains heavily impacted industry by  COVID-19, some entrepreneurs  are taking the crisis as an opportunity to embark on new ventures.

Obike Air

The latest big announcement has come from one Obike Air a new Nigerian start-up airline led by a visionary Ifeanyi Obike in his latest venture, with plans for the airline to be a global airline.

According to Ifeanyi Obike, with information he shared through his LinkedIn, Obike Air’s peers are British Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, and Virgin Atlantic – which is quite ambitious for a start-up airline.

The details are still limited as of now, but Obike Air is looking for investors and partners “from the private and public sectors from around the world to join this mission.”

Mr. Ifeanyi Obike has also hinted on the new logo for the start-up airline as well as its new uniform. The airline has also been tipped to fly the 747s and 787s airliners.

Obike Air is a new Nigerian start-up and will be joining a long list of airline startups with the likes of Green Africa airline of Nigeria and Lift of South Africa.

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