Room 306: Slay Queen receiving afternoon p.3nis goes viral. Baby The Thing dey enter well la– Watch

Slay Queen receiving hot fuck goes viral || Recorded at room 306… A nosy guest who can’t mind his business recorded steamy audio of a lady being chewed mercilessly in a hotel room.

It seems the deadly coronavirus pandemic that has claimed so many lives across the globe has not stopped people from meeting in hotels for Kerewa .

People are being advised to practise social distancing and stay at home but some are busy exchanging fluids in hotel rooms like starved goats.

Someone recorded steamy audio from hotel room 306, where a lady was almost speaking in tongues and singing songs of praise as a man chewed her properly.

In this steamy audio that has taken twitter by storm, an energetic guy, who is very skilled in b3droom matters, was seriously dismantling a lady’s c00king p0t and excavating all corners, leaving her singing Hallelujah.

Enough of the chit-chat… Check it out below :

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