Why APC Will Defeat APGA, PDP In Anambra Gov’ship Poll — Col Onyejegbu

Col. Geoff Onyejegbu (rtd) is seeking the ticket of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to run for the November 6, 2021 governorship election in Anambra State. In this interview, he speaks on why his party will win the poll. Excerpts:


What informed your decision to join the Anambra State governorship race?

I’m in the race because the society has given me so much and it is about time I return to society what it has given me.

How will you tackle insecurity in the state if elected governor?

I have all it takes to tackle insecurity in the state. I know how to use kinetic and non-kinetic approaches to get the security of the state at the top realm.


What are the big names behind you?

I have God behind me. Then the next big name is my background and training, which at any time it is required to be used will be bigger than any name you can think of.

Is APGA not a threat to the APC considering that it has been in power in the state for many years?

Is it not the APGA that is in crisis? Is it not APGA that just sacked their national chairman? Is it the APGA that is in turmoil? Or is it the PDP that everyone now has a court judgement in his pocket? It is only APC that is the party in peace; it is the party ready for the next election. All these other ones have all been imploded.


But the APC is also enmeshed in crisis. Don’t you think this will affect the party’s chances of winning the election?

It is one bridge at a time. The Caretaker Committee members are doing the primaries within their timeline. So we believe that the APC will win the Anambra election.


Many believe that the APC-led federal government has not fulfilled its campaign promises to Nigerians and that this will not augur well for the party in the Anambra poll. What do you make of this?

The opposition may have things to say. Do you expect the opposition to start praising the APC that the APC has done wonderfully well? So it is pure propaganda; they are doing this propaganda to remain relevant. If we have not done very well, how come notable politicians from the opposition are joining the APC?


There are 13 other aspirants jostling for the party’s ticket. They call themselves political bigwigs. What are your chances?

It is zoned to Anambra South Senatorial zone and I’m from that zone. That is the zone that will produce the next governor of Anambra State. You might find other technocrats in the field but you can’t find anyone that has three or two years in military intelligence security experience.

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