Winnie Nwagi flaunts hourglass figure in black transparent dress with shiny accessories

She’s known for wearing waist beads and crazy getups… but Winnie Nwagi is showing off a whole new gorgeous sexy side.

The 31-year-old puts her fantastic body on full display in a transparent little black dress with sparkling silver beads lining its front. A black thong is clearly visible on the inside and black heels with straps up to the calves.

The look is completed with a blue designer watch, anklet, bracelet and necklace. The get-up leaves little to the imagination.

The designer outfit highlights the Swangz Avenue top star’s hourglass figure, signature curves she parades and turns heads whenever she steps out.


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                                 Bootylicious female star stuns netizens with million dolor looks


In one of the jaw-dropping shots, she twists a bit for everyone to have a glance at her goddess behind and flashes a rose-flower tattoo.

                                Winnie Nwagi faced to the side, showing off her insane curves and rosy tattoo

The Fire-baby singer wears her hair in loose-tiny-braids which rest on her tattooed upper shoulders that only adds to the vixen look.

On September 3, Swangz Avenue organized an online show dubbed ‘TML Conver Sessions’ and Winnie Nwagi was the first artist to perform.

The controversial angelic-voiced female star impressed Netizens as she performed all her hit songs like Show Me, Musawo, Amasso, Mataala and the latest Afrobeat jam, Sasi Kunyama.

                 She recently performed impressively an online show dubbed ‘TML Conver Sessions’

According to the Record Label, TML Conver Sessions will bring you “Conversations and Performances from some of the best gifted artists working with stripped down sets in very cozy settings.”

Checkout Nwagi’s impressive performance below;


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